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5 Fun Activities to Try on your Kid’s 5th Birthday

5 Fun Activities to Try on your Kid’s 5th Birthday

 What, 5 already? Time flies! It might strike you that you have come a long way with your family goals and before you even realized, your kid developed all necessary skills that he/she would need to become a smart and intelligent person. This is the age where your kid would be stepping into the real world and explores everything from people to books and new sceneries. Yes, this is the age where he will start learning some “real” words! Doesn't it call for a celebration?

You're already planning to throw a bash and the fact that you are here, simply validates our assumption. You know what it takes to organize an amazing party. You have done it before, and it’s time to do it again. The mere thought of hosting a birthday bash and gathering birthday party supplies online India can overwhelm anyone. Fortunately, with the current online shopping trend, all you need is to swipe a few birthday decoration items online in India and begin your party planning.

Here, we’ve handpicked top four games that not only entice kids but even make parents equally enthusiastic about participating. 

Feely Box - Take a box of any size with a lid. Cut a wide hole on one side of the box and place an object inside it. Ask the kids to put their hands inside the box and guess the object. If they can’t make the right guess, give them hints to find the right answer. You can fill in the box with interesting party supplies and party props available online in India, such as minions, glow masks, LED glasses and other interesting party stuff. 

Create Picnic Indoors - Take a bright coloured basket and fill it up with party supplies and decorations that they can use to create an artificial picnic spot in the living room.  You can easily find picnic theme supplies, such as farm theme banner, cow shaped balloons, flower theme plates at party supplies India store. Encourage the participants to create an indoor beach or a park with artificial grass carpet.

Never Ending Adjectives - If you want to play some brainy games, this is going to be the best one. Ask a kid to pick an object, and the next one will add the adjective in front of the object. The other one will add another adjective and the game continues until the sentence stops making sense. Let those cognitive skills develop further. It’ll only make your kid smarter.

Coffee Can Stilts - Take 2 coffee cans and poke a hole on each using a screwdriver. Use bailing twine, rope, or the strands of yarn. You can also find LED strings or ropes at the largest party supply store in India. Put the rope through one hole and take out from the other. Make sure that the rope is long enough so when your child stands on the cans, the rope gets high enough for them to be held firmly in his hands without hunching over. What’s next? Turn the lights off and let them chitchat through their new device boasting LED effect.

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