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Spooky Ideas for your Toddler First Halloween Birthday

Spooky Ideas for your Toddler  First Halloween Birthday

Birthday on a Halloween? Rare, but definitely fun and intriguing! First birthdays are always special. More than the kid, the parents are super excited to celebrate the first milestone of their kid’s life. If your kid shares his/her birthday with the spookiest day of the year, here are some amazing food and decoration ideas that you can inculcate in your birthday bash preparations.

Birthday party accessories and Decorations

Birthday and Halloween? Your decorations planning have to be nothing short of A-class. Mummy mason jars anyone? With so many options to explore from Party themes & decoration supplies, finding authentically screechy decoration items to pep up the birthday bash should not be tough. You can browse online wholesale party supplies and shop for party props shop in Delhi. Most online shops offer a wide array of 1st birthday party decorations that can enliven any party without making much of an effort. If you are falling short on the idea, we’d suggest floating head ghosts, pickled head jars, Halloween luminaries to begin with. You can also dress up your kid half-in-half costume of a sweet little boy/girl and terrifying ghost. Different shades of one kid? Sounds fun to us!

Food and Fun

Food! Food! Food! Parties are all about food and deciding a menu is one of the biggest challenges for the host. Let’s see if the below given food idea tempts you enough to make a place in your party menu.

Punchbowl Hand

A hand just getting out of nowhere is definitely going to look creepy sitting on the table. Now how would you make it? Simply fill the latex glove with soda, juice or water. Tie the ends of all the gloves carefully. You may use string or a clip to hold the ends. Freeze the filled gloves for a few hours. Once they have gone solid, untie and remove the glove. Float your punch of soda, juice or water at the party. Display the hands on the Halloween party trays.

Biscuit Spiders

Spiders are definitely the creepiest of all. Do you like them to crawl on your bed? How would you feel when you’ll actually have to eat them? Feed your spider biscuits to your guests and let them answer the question. Spider shaped biscuits can be made using ready-made moulds, easily available in the market during Halloween. Simply prepare your favorite batter and let it get set in the shape of creepy and crawling spiders.

Wild Worms and Eyes

Did you know you can do a lot of with your simple, elegant looking spaghetti and meatballs? Do not break your noodles while cooking, toss in your favorite red pasta sauce and simple place them on a bright green serving platter or Halloween party trays. Add warm meatballs, brushed with black food colour and serve. Organize the platter in a form of worms with extraordinarily big

Now that you have an amazing list of thing to do, get set and go on be the host of the most interesting birthday party of the year. This is definitely going to be the talk of the town for a very long time.

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